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onemontanakid's Journal

6 November 1989
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Well about me, I could give you a really broad answer about that. I will try to sum my life up with out making this to long and without using to many of my "Montana" mannerisms. I lived in Montana, yes the middle of no were state for 16 yrs of my life and had a blast. I am a eagle scout and proud of it, so don't make fun of me because I am a boy scout. I like to read books when ever I can slow my mind down enough, I swear it is always going 100 mph. Most people don't know this but I do love to act, but ever since I moved I have, well I don't want to say quit but I have definety slowed my roll about it. I may come off as a jerk sometimes or a person who doe's not care about anybody of their feelings but that is not so, I really do care about everybody I have the ablity to listen and talk through problems with people unlike most people in this world. Just remeber I would not ask if I did not care.